Fried Locust

You're a butterfly on a small and beautiful planet.
However, the galaxy is threatened by a plague of locusts that eat all plant life in their path.
Protect your planet and free the galaxy from the locusts by frying them with your electric antennae.

Desktop computer
Use the W key on the keyboard to move forward.
With the ASD keys, you can move sideways and backwards.
Steering is done by moving the mouse while holding any of the WASD keys

When you have a locust in sight, try to get it in the center and fry it by pressing the Space-bar or by left-clicking the mouse.

Tablet or phone
Use the device as a steering wheel to turn left or right
Tilt the device to fly up or down

When you have a locust in sight, try to get it in the center and fry it by tapping anywhere on the screen.

Shooting range
You electric antennae only have a short shooting range and the locusts will jump away when you approach them. But don't worry, once you have gathered enough points, you can use them to obtain special skills.

Special skills
Stealth - Will prevent the locusts from fleeing when you come too close
Turbo - Makes you fly faster
Shooting range - Will increase the range of your electric ray
Ninja reflexes - A jumping locust will appear to fly slower, making it easy to fry it in mid air (gives a 50 point bonus)
Girl friend - adds a female companion that will follow you and fry locusts by herself
Boy friend - adds a male companion that will follow you and fry locusts by himself

Fry a locust - 1 point
Fry a locust on an outer planet - 2 points
When you fry the next locust within 2 seconds, the points will be doubled 2, 4, 8, 16 ... 1024
When you fry a locust in mid air you receive a 50 point bonus

Win or loose
You win when you have fried all locusts on your home planet and fried 80% of all locusts in total.
Easy mode: 10 locusts left + 0 on home
Medium mode: 20 locusts left + 0 on home
Hard mode: 50 locusts left + 0 on home

You loose when there are too many locusts on your home planet:
Easy mode: 20 locusts on home
Medium mode: 40 locusts on home
Hard mode: 100 locusts on home

You also loose when your time is up.

Locusts reproduce very quickly. The more locusts on a planet, the more offspring they get. Since it takes at least 2 locusts to have offspring, you can stop them by wiping every planet clean.
Locusts can jump between planets. Once they discover your home planet they will not leave it.

Best practise
We found it works best if you start by frying most locusts on your home planet, but don't waste time tracing the last ones (which are harder to find).
Then travel to the outer planets and fry most of the locusts here as well. Repeat this for each of the 4 planets, but also keep an eye on the nr of locusts on the home planet.
Then return to your home planet and destroy every last one of them.