FlexiGUI Demo

FlexiGUI is a toolkit for game developers that uses the popular game engine Unity3D. It makes setting up a GUI system for games easier and adds a lot of extra features.

The flexible scaling options for screen size and DPI, together with the way user input is handled, enables game developers to create one game and deploy it on Web, PC, Phones and Tablets, without altering the code to deal with touch, gyroscope, mouse scrollwheel etc.

FlexiGUI uses JSON files to configure your GUI and gives you full control over the GUI at runtime.

Key features are:
- Flexible scaling for DPI and/or for screen size.
- Boxes (windows) can be manually scaled, scrolled and moved by the user.
- Contains the much needed ListBox and ColorWell.
- Each control can have a ToolTip.
- Side drawer control for settings panels.
- Default animations for opening and closing boxes.
- Automatic display of messages.
- Auto sizing to make boxes fit their contents.
- Callback functions to keep your own code clean.
- Seamless input control for touch devices and pc's

The following controls are defined:
- Box / window
- Modal box / window
- Side drawer
- Joysticks (with mouse/keyboard/touch/gyroscope interface)
- Button
- Radio button
- Dropdown listbox
- Image
- Text
- Text field
- Multiline text field
- Slider
- Color well
- Message
- Tooltip

The game "Fried Locust" was made with FlexiGUI. Play it online here.

Documentation for FlexiGUI

Documentation for FlexiInput