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Merge skinned and non-skinned meshes.
Create atlases.
Decimate meshes.
Create LOD levels with 1 or 2 mouse clicks.

Recognize this problem?
You downloaded a model. It looks great, but is way too heavy for it's purpose.

SimpleLOD fixes this problem in a very easy way: By merging skinned and non-skinned meshes, by baking atlases and by generating the LOD meshes for you. All this is made operational in your GameObject with just a few mouse clicks.

Merge meshes
Bake atlases
Generate LOD levels
Reduce triangles
Reduce draw calls
Supports skinned meshes
Can run in background
Works well with UMA and Mixamo characters

Baking a texture atlas has suddenly become a very easy process. Simply drag & drop materials or textures and the atlas gets baked on the spot. In the background it creates identical atlases for normal maps, specular maps, etc.

SimpleLOD does a pretty good job at reducing the triangles in your meshes and it combines meshes and sub meshes to reduce draw calls. Depending on the complexity and shape of the original mesh, the end result may have less than half the triangles with no visible changes. When you ramp up the compression for higher LOD levels, the reduction goes much further than that. Up close you may notice differences, but when viewed from the distance that goes with the LOD level, the model will still look great. It is recommended to play with the compression levels for optimal results.

There are many mesh combine packages, many mesh decimators and many atlas baking packages, but SimpleLOD combines this all in 1 package and....."
- it produces very good compression results,
- bakes atlases for normal maps,
- supports skinned meshes,
- support models bigger than 64K vertices,
- runs entirely inside Unity (no external services),
- has all C# source code included (no dll)
- and can be used at runtime (also in background thread) as well as in the editor.

With SimpleLOD you can have an avatar model, apply several clothes meshes to it, add non-skinned meshes to the bones (like weapons or a helmet), combine it all into 1 skinned mesh, bake atlases and generate decimated meshes for LOD levels.

Of course the end result would still be better when you model everything by hand. But not everyone is a master 3D modeler and sometimes models are procedurally created at runtime. This package is for those people that want an easy solution for a complex problem.

Package in Unity Asset Store.
YouTube demonstration video.
Online webplayer demo (also included).
Online documentation.
Forum support thread.

Note: Reducing triangles is a complex process and is bound to take some time, varying exponentially from a few milliseconds for small meshes up to a few minutes for meshes with 64K vertices. This action is only needed once, since the reduced mesh is stored in your project folder.

Read the full release notes.
Version 1.5.:
- New interface
- New function to remove hidden triangles
- New window to select which meshes to merge
- Supports selection of multiple game objects
- Detailed control over decimation process

Version 1.4.:
- Decimation process optimized to perform 10-15 times faster

Version 1.3.:
- drag & drop material editor for baking atlas
- enhanced control panel with more options
- improved inspector panel that shows camera distance

Version 1.2.:
- Improved support for skinned meshes
- Improved compression algorithm
- Auto-split merged meshes over 64K vertices
- Supports lightmaps, uv3, uv4 and vertex colors
- Supports blend shapes (in 1 mesh, LOD 0 only)

Version 1.1.:
- Increased performance by 2.5
- Removes small parts invisible at big distances
- Prevents UV stretching

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