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Improving the presentation for SimpleCollada

This post is part of the experiment: How to improve Asset Store sales.

The current presentation has a short description. On Reddit I got the comment that many people don't even know what Collada is.
The key images are dark and dull. The icon is a simple black surface with text on it.

The current price is $20, which may be a bit much. So I reduced it to $15.00

The package was sold 5 times in 5 months.

The current key images look like this:
SimpleCollada old key image big.

SimpleCollada old key image icon.

They use dark colors, have no sex appeal and do not stand out. The tiny icon is what people see when they browse through all the packages and I must admit that this one does not look very appealing.

The new images use the default Orbcreation colors: bright green, white and orange.
The big and medium images have a touch of high tech by adding a wireframe in the background. The model used is a nice looking chair with some details, which gives it some class.
The text in white and orange stands out.
The black text is super simple and tells exactly what the package does.

The small icon has an orange band that also serves as a floor for the chair, which makes it stand out more.

SimpleCollada new key image medium.

SimpleCollada new key image icon.

For the description I used the following structure:
- draw attention
- short explanation of what the package is
- enumeration of key qualities
- explain how well it works
- explain how easy it is to use it
- links to resources
- explain what collada is
- final note

This what I came up with:
Let users spawn their own 3d models in your game

With SimpleCollada you can turn Collada .DAE files into working 3D models in your game at runtime.

import Collada .DAE models
imports submeshes
imports parent / child objects
all source code included
also includes SimpleXML package

SimpleCollada is an easy way to import Collada models, that supports the most essential parts of the Collada specifications. It imports vertices, normals, 1 uv map and triangles. (polygons are automatically converted to triangles). Supports multiple meshes and sub meshes.

Simply download a Collada file into a string;
pass the string to the import function;
and receive a GameObject in return.

Like so:
myGameObject = ColladaImporter.Import(colladaString);

All source code is included and written in C#. There are no DLL's or hidden stuff.

View the online webplayer demo (also included in the package) here
The documentation can be viewed on our website.
The support thread can be found here.

(Collada is a file format for 3D applications. Most 3D modeling tools support it. Collada files usually have the extension .DAE)

Also includes the SimpleXML package.
Does not support skinned meshes

It's been submitted for approval on November 26th. Let's hope it gets approved soon so we can see if it helped.

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