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Drop on Unity

The Unity Editor has a great system to import Textures or 3D models: You simply drag the files on the editor and let them loose. But it is impossible to do this in the game at runtime. Wouldn't it be cool to let the users drag an image from their computer onto an object in the game to change it's appearance?

Drop on Unity does just that! It allows end users to drag their own files onto gameObjects while the game is running. These can be images or 3D models. (for 3D models you will also need an importer like Simple OBJ or Simple Collada).

Here's a demo in WebGL to show you how cool that can be. As a user you can change the decoration of the room that is shown. Simply by dragging an image to the wall and letting it go. Or you can change the fabric on the seats if you drag a nice texture on them.

WebGL support is still in beta. If you have problems loading the WebGL demo, you can also try this Web player demo.
Drop on Unity works in WebGL on all platforms and in the Web Player on Mac only. (Web Player on windows does not allow drag & drop for some reason)

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