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Sailing simulator prototype

It's not smart to let your hobby influence your work too much. But hey, we're only human.

This sailing hobby could potentially lead to a mega project. Who knows? In any case, the first steps have been made by creating this prototype of a sailboat simulation. There are of course many sailboat simulators, but none are able to simulate the effects of the shape of the sail.

This all new prototype computes the bending of the air around the sail and calculates the forces accordingly. To help you trim the sail there are a bunch or telltales that show exactly how the air is flowing along the sail. You can make the sails curved or flatten them. The curve can be brought forward, the top can be opened or closed.

When you do, the sail mesh itself is changed procedurally. The same happens when the sail is flapping or lowered. It even shows the effect of the foresail in the forward section of the main when you pull the jib too tight.

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