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Sailaway release date announced

Posted on January 27, 2016, by Richard Knol

Born from the desire to sail more often than I can, Orbcreation announces "Sailaway".

Virtual sailing on a global scale

Sailaway simulates ocean sailing and cruising on a global scale.
Undertake challenging journeys to any place or island in the world.
In order to be as realistic as possible, the system uses:
- real weather
- real sail trim
- real distances
And since the earth is a very big place, crossing the Atlantic or Pacific will probably take you months.
That may not sound very exciting. Indeed, Sailaway is not a fast spectacular action game.

However, Sailaway offers one thing really well: Plain, wonderful, inspiring SAILING.

Sailaway will be released Nov 3th, 2016 on iOS, Android, PC and Mac.

Check out the website at

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