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How to improve AssetStore sales - day to day report

Day to day report of all actions I performed to increase the sales of my AssetStore packages. The overall plan can be found here.

Day 1 (November 24th, 2014)

- Written blog post about the plan to improve asset store sales
- Send 3 tweets with the link to the blog post
- Scheduled to repeat 2 of these tweets at 2 and 3 AM CET for US timezones
- Added Facebook update with link to blog article
- Added Google+ update with link to article
- Added link at
- Added LinkedIn update with link to article
- Added a link to the asset store packages in the developer resources pages of the website.
- Removed 2 more complex image manipulation functions from the developers resources, because it reduced the need to get the Texture2D+ package too much.

Time invested: 10 hours
Sales: 1x ListBox $5.00
Website: 287 visits (before 25) Mainly coming from, 13 from Twitter
Twitter: 5 retweets, 2 followers
Facebook: 0 likes, 5 people reached
Google+: 20 views, 1 follower (5099, 5)

Day 2 (November 25th, 2014)

Send 10 tweets at various times about:
- before situation
- day to day report
- improvements in SimpleLOD presentation
Made new key images for SimpleLOD
Wrote new description for SimpleLOD
Recorded HowTo video for SimpleLOD
Submitted SimpleLOD to the Asset Store for review
Wrote blog about improving the SimpleLOD presentations
Added link to
Wrote forum posts for SimpleLOD, SimpleCollada and SimpleOBJ

Time invested: 15 hours (my son made the images)
Sales: 1x ListBox $5.00, 1x SimpleLOD $30.00
Website: 176 visits. Mainly coming from and Twitter
Twitter: 19 retweets, 2 followers, 1 favorite
Facebook: 0 likes, 0 people reached
Google+: 85 views, 0 followers (5184, 5)
Unity forum: 60 views
Assetstore sales nov 25th 2014.

Assetstore sales nov 25th 2014

Day 3 (November 26th, 2014)

Send 8 tweets at various times about:
- results of day 2
- improvements in package presentations
- submitted 5 packages to asset store
- developer blog posts with code examples
Made new key images for 5 packages
Wrote new descriptions for 5 packages
Started forum threads for 5 packages
Submitted 5 packages to the Asset Store for review
Wrote blog about improving the SimpleCollada presentation
Wrote developer blog about converterting strings and numbers
Wrote developer blog about merging multiple meshes
Added link to for developer blog on merging meshes
Changed the look on twitter profile page
Posted updates on Google+ for developer blog and this day to day report
Posted updates on FaceBook for developer blog and this day to day report

Time invested: 7 hours
Sales: 1x Texture2D+ $5.00
Website: 129 visits
Twitter: 9 retweets, 2 followers, 4 favorites
Facebook: 0 likes, 6 people reached
Google+: 158 views, 0 followers (5242, 5)
Unity forum: 77 views

Turns out the Orbcreation page on Google+ brings a lot more exposure than Facebook. Eventhough there are only 5 followers against 168 likes.
Over the past 3 days brought 5 times more website visitors than Google. Investing time in Reddit is well worth the effort.

Day 4 (November 27th, 2014) (Thanksgiving day)

While US was devouring turkeys nothing much happened.
Waiting for Asset Store to approve new icons and descriptions for my packages
Send out 10 tweets at various times about:
- results of day 3
- Google+ bringing more exposure than FB
- Reddit bringing more website visitors than Google
Updated forum thread for Texture 2D extension package
Submitted new description and new key images for Texture2D Extensions to the AssetStore for approval

Time invested: 4 hours
Sales: $0
Website: 81 visits
Twitter: 12 retweets, 3 followers (59 now), 5 favorites
Facebook: 0 likes, 10 people reached
Google+: 25 views, 0 followers (5267, 5)

Day 5 - 7 (November 28th - 30th, 2014)

Made image with before and after package icons and posted this on Twitter, G+ and FB.
Replaced the background colors in all online demos to bright green.
Send out 6 tweets about daily report and new icons at various times
Send out 4 tweets on black friday sale. (Get Texture2D Extensions for free).

Time invested: 4 hours
Sales $35
Website: 47 visits
Twitter: 9 retweets, 3 followers (58 now), 4 favorites
Facebook: 1 like, 15 people reached
Google+: 114 views, 0 followers (5381, 5)

Day 8 - 11 (December 1st - 3rd, 2014)

Waited for Asset Store to approve new package icons
Made some big improvements in new version of SimpleLOD.
(but both of these can not be called marketing actions)
Black friday action gave no responses
Updated webplayer demo of SimpleLOD
Wrote release notes for SimpleLOD 1.1
Made 2 new screenshots of SimpleLOD

Time invested: 4 hours (in marketing that is)
Sales: $100 (pretty good)
Website: 50 visits per day
Twitter: no marketing tweets, lost 1 follower (57 now)
Facebook: 2 likes, 24 people reached
Google+: 47 views, 0 followers (5428, 5)
Sales dec 3rd.

Day 12 (December 4th, 2014)

Tweeted that I submitted my SimpleLOD v1.1 for review to @UnityAssetStore and they approved it right away and now follow me. It's good to have new friends :)
Send out 13 tweets at various times about the packages. I am starting to feel like a real spammer. Yuck.

Time invested: 2 hours
Sales: $45
Website: 54 visits
Twitter: 14 retweets, 12 favorites, 3 followers
Facebook: 9 people reached, 1 like
Google+: 35 views, 0 followers (5463, 5)

Day 13-15 (December 5th - 7th, 2014)

Send out 15 tweets at various times about the packages. It's official, I am now a spammer.
Someone posted a reference to SimpleLOD in the forums in answer to someones question about polygon reductions. Cool.

Time invested: 1 hour
Sales: $40
Website: on saturday and sunday, only 24 visitors per day. friday 82.
Twitter: 11 retweets, 4 favorites, now at 67 followers.
Facebook: 2 likes, 82 reached this week, whenever that has started
Google+: 118 views, 0 followers (5581,5)

Day 16-17 (December 8th - 9th, 2014)

dec 8th: Tested UMA character in combination with SimpleLOD and answered a forum question. Also tweeted the results.
dec 9th: Almost did nothing. Except sending out a tweet about a color being the 24 hour deal in the asset store. Told people to look at Texture2D extensions if they wanted to change the color of their textures as well.

Time invested: 1 hours
Sales: $35
Website: 51 and 48 visitors
Twitter: 7 retweets, 4 favorites, now at 70 followers.
Facebook: 1 likes, still 82 reached this week, whenever that has started
Google+: 59 views, 0 followers (5640,5)

Day 18-19 (December 10th - 11th, 2014)

Wrote blog on how to detect, generate and convert normal maps in Unity
Posted a reddit link to this blog
Wrote blog about progress on 3D website builder, that uses the Asset Store packages.
Posted facebook update with link to this blog
Posted G+ update with link to this blog
Bumped forum threads by adding a comment with a link to a blog page that shows how I implemented those packages in my project.
Send out 2 tweets about SimpleLOD
Got retweeted by @UnityAssetStore, but this didnt result in any sales

Time invested: 6 hours
Sales: $5
Website: 126 and 597 visitors (The 597 was due to a reddit link about a different topic)
Twitter: 6 retweets ( 1 by @UnityAssetStore), 6 favorites, now at 71 followers.
Facebook: 11 reached the update, 1 like
Google+: 42 views, 0 followers (5682,5)

Day 20-24 (December 12th - 16th, 2014)

Got a fantastic user review on SimpleLOD and 3 users rated it 5 stars.
Send out only 2 commercial tweets and some witty remarks

Sales: $ 40
Website: 40 visitors per day
Twitter: 10 retweets, 8 favorites, 7 followers (78 now)
Facebook: 16 reached, no likes
Google+: 107 views, 1 +1, 0 followers (5747,5)

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