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Ocean colors

Posted on September 17, 2015, by Richard Knol

The ocean for the new global sailing simulator now has a new shader, that behaves just like the real ocean does. When the water is completely clear with no algae of sand particles floating around, it has an indigo blue color.

As the sea gets deeper, there is no light reflected from the bottom and this makes it appear darker.

When there are algae in the water the color will turn towards green.
And with a lot of mud particles floating around, it becomes brownish.
Water that has a lot of algae and mud it and becomes opaque and will appear to have less contrast.

The new shader also simulates waves, that can vary from small ripples on a sunny day, to frightening masses of water coming right at you.
Ocean waves. Ocean waves in the new shader, varying from sunny and peaceful to rough and frightening.

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